the brief

The clients were keen to have a relaxed and homely ambience in their new kitchen so choosing the right colour and material palette was key.  The Beaded Shaker range, with its simple styling, was perfect for the cabinetry and they chose the on-trend stone finish for its neutral tone and ability to blend with other tones and textures.


KITCHEN STYLE: beaded shaker
LOCATION: warwickshire

The kitchen is now completely finished including the flooring, blinds and the finishing touches such as the corner posts fitted. We are very pleased with it indeed and are very appreciative of all the work you put into it. Everything arrived safely in the end including the extra plinth and corner posts etc. We are recommending your service to others and have already had a young couple visit specially to inspect the kitchen!
— Mr & Mrs B

Designers tips

Accessibility was key, as a result there was an emphasis on maximising the storage space with pull-out bins under the sink and wine racks incorporated into the wall units.  The black composite sink was conveniently located below a large window with a view of the garden.

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