Strong lines, cohesive palettes, bold moves

For those that dare…  This blog post is an accumulation of inspiring kitchen designs that have nothing in common apart from their strength and individuality.  We hope they stop you in your tracks just as they did us! Spanning a broad range of styles, we’ve extracted the most obvious traits we see in each kitchen, all of which can be effectively applied to your own space :

·       Drama – A touch of the unexpected goes a long way; a misplaced chandelier, a daring colour choice or an extraordinary kitchen island

·       Restraint – None of these kitchens feel messy or ‘thrown together’.  Each exudes a restraint and careful consideration in terms of palette, materials and lighting – far from making it boring, these elements of restraint give an unrivalled power to the scheme and makes the key design details sing

·       Think outside the box – A kitchen is a kitchen at the end of the day.  It’s up to everyone to challenge the norms and reinterpret the standard: sink, splashback, cupboard fronts, lighting, flooring, central island etc.  That’s why we find it so refreshing when an unexpected material is used, or the re-purposing of an object gives it a new lease of life.

·       Considerate layout – What layout will work best for your kitchen?  With the newly trending gallery kitchens (one wall), nothing will surprise and it’s simply down to what suits the lifestyle of the inhabitant the best.  In the following examples there’s some really clever use of layout design, including open-plan designs or the incorporation of island/bar areas, dining spaces and of course, making the best of any views.

Island dreams

Perfection in a design…  This remarkable kitchen is styled to sleekly incorporate a beautiful white marble bar/dining area.  A meticulous layout is created through the central island forming an L-shape with the table, while the cupboards remain handleless and sleek.  Intriguing choices in the geometric pendant lights, and the bold ochre chairs add a warmth and personality to the room.

Illuminated elegance

Another impossibly stylish wooden kitchen!  We love how, even though the space is small, every square inch is given careful attention.  A seamless transition from worktop to breakfast bar is created through the use of the same glistening white marble.  Effective LED lighting is installed under the cabinetry to create a warm glow that complements the natural stone floor and wooden cupboard fronts.

Inky hues

Deep, dark and indulgent to the senses; this modern kitchen design is a play on textures, lighting and industrial finishes.  Crittal windows line the side of the kitchen, casting a natural light over the scene and providing a view to the garden.  Confident in their murky depths, the cupboard fronts have a subtle textured wood finish which, along with the neutral stone splashback and concrete floors, alleviate the intensity of the darkness.  It would take some confidence to pull off, but this inspirational kitchen more than succeeds…

Shades of gold

Shiny brass handles adorn every cupboard door, tonally complementing the warm brown-cream spectrum of the kitchen.  Everything is kept sleek and minimalist, relying on the metallic touches and exposed lightbulbs to light up the design.  There is a strength in simplicity, and the mastery of it is obvious in this tasteful kitchen area.

Brick & Tin

No little drama is created in this characterful kitchen design.  Industrial elements such as the vintage tin tiles, exposed brick wall and polished concrete floor juxtapose the glamour of chandeliers, bright florals and the inky blue cupboards.  Oozing an intrigue that only comes with bold décor choices, this kitchen is the perfect mix between richly eclectic and thoughtfully designed.


The trend-followers dream…  Millennial pink (check) island casts a candy-like sweetness over the space, contrasting with the dark green cabinetry and matt-black hardware (check).  The timeless metro tile (check) is given a modern update with black grout, while the richly veined stone worktops create a serious impact!  Open shelving (check) is crafted from the same powdered black steel, tying the whole scheme cohesively together.  Although the palette is bold and unusual, by minimising the colours to 4 or 5 key players, the statement is strong and striking.

Rainbow metals

Sorry, a kitchen?  Stretching the stereotypes of how a kitchen should look to the extreme, the use of antique mirror and oxidised metal extractor units create an otherworldly atmosphere.  Not to mention the giant leek that unexpectedly graces a wall, like you do.  Plain white drawers with simple gold knobs create a calming relief from the busy worktop/splashback combination – a balanced yet exciting composition.

Brick backdrop

Letting the rugged brick backdrop do all the talking, this muted kitchen uses neutral colours and sleek finishes to create an aesthetically-pleasing scheme.  We especially the cabinets’ colour, the upholstered bar stools and the illuminated brickwork – twisting age in with the modern to create a calming and memorable kitchen area.

Design to drink to

Clever use of mirror backing this stylish home bar creates double the impact!  Bespoke shelving has been carefully planned to impress, displaying the bottles to perfection; illuminated and dramatic.  The dark wood used throughout, pared with the mirror and rich blue velvet, is reminiscent of a luxury gentleman’s retreat.

Minimalist modernity

Could you even imagine a slicker, more modern looking kitchen?  Atmospheric lighting and reflective surfaces create a visual interest in a bold modular scheme.  Contrasts, handless cupboards, and an extremely refined layout.  This kitchen is the epitome of understated modernity – and highly practical.