Splashback in style

A kitchen’s success is the direct result of a series of design choices complementing each other. So many aspects to consider… the task can seem overwhelming when trying to settle on your perfect kitchen ‘style’ but we like to see the fun and potential in every decision. Splashbacks are one of the areas that allow for the most creative freedom, and this post is an accumulation of our favourite designs.

Granite grandeur

A theatrical atmosphere is created through the consistent use of black and gold throughout this kitchen.  Brass sink inlay, handle pulls and candlesticks contrast against the jet black cabinetry and black tap.  With an inspiring mastery, the worktop and splashback tie the colours together in a luxury granite stone finish.

Talking tiles

Staying firmly in the restrained colour palette of the kitchen, the patterned tiles used as a splashback and feature wall add a visual interest to the design of the space.  There’s a lot happening in this open plan kitchen-dining space and the use of several key colours help to define the room; making it cohesive rather than overwhelming.  The line-up of bare light bulbs create an interesting focal point over the dining room table, while wood-panelled walls are a unique and tasteful choice.  

Tile of hearts

Why not venture a little from the ordinary with printed ceramic tiles as your splashback?  The rough edges and worn imagery on this example adds an air of history to the discerning colour scheme.  We can image this working well with natural rough stone and no printing, or maybe a subtle print of a street scene or botanical drawings – the possibilities are endless…  The linen towel draped casually over the wooden worktop hints at a casually artistic design style.

Metro muse

The fail-safe white metro.  A quirky twist on the tried-and-tested metro results in it’s combination with a quirky Fornasetti print wallpaper.  Anyone get the feeling they’re being watched?  On a serious note, wallpapers are often avoided in kitchens but there are so many new and exciting ‘kitchen wallpapers’ available these days - a sure way to wake up a design.  The iconic print used here sticks to a monochrome palette, keeping the overall atmosphere fresh and sophisticated.

Modern marble

A jaw-dropping modern kitchen design; the choice of the marble encased island is followed through to the splashback.  If marble doesn’t seem the obvious choice in terms of durability or cost, there are a huge range of laminate or stone finishes out there that look identical to the real thing!  See below a more intense contrasting grain in the marble; a splashback that takes over the kitchen design in it’s singular impact.

Mirror, mirror

Slate grey cupboard fronts, tastefully illuminated.  An incredible polished stone island unit, bathed in natural light form the skylight.  A crisp mirror splashback, framed by plants and reflecting the great outdoors.  There’s an impeccable taste at work in this dramatic kitchen; a finesse at mixing materials and colours to create an undeniably ‘wow’ kitchen.

Reflective thinking

Mirror seems to be the way to go for a modern and contemporary splashback, suiting universally across many kitchen styles.  The neutral palette and compelling wooden seating configuration in the kitchen centre make this space thoughtful and invitingly warm.  A simple mirror splashback is all that’s required to bounce light around and reflect the already-perfect interior.

Brass beauty

A modern and refreshing take on the brass trend, this moody kitchen embraces the unique textural finishes available with the metal, and goes all out on creating a stunning splashback with it!  A deep khaki green, dark wood and of course matt black elements all hint at the trend conscious nature of the designer.  We’re also seeing more simplified drawer pulls trending such as these circular cut outs – minimalist and effective, they introduce another aspect modern design.

Abstract artistry

This kitchen-dining area exudes a free-spirited style, with an impulsively sprayed splashback design bringing it to life.  Although in reality the splashback was likely a detailed consideration, the carefree image it portrays gives the kitchen an energy and originality, as well as expressing the style of the owner. Typically glass-fronted, it’s so easy to create bespoke splashbacks from an image of your choice these days… why not use a powerful photo or artwork of your choice in your kitchen?

Moroccan mood

Embrace an artisan and characterful style by opting for hand-painted Moroccan tiles for your splashback.  Never has the trend been stronger for the individual expression and bespoke nature of handmade products like these.  A bold blue-and-white colourway sets a relaxed mood for a kitchen inspired by travels, the sunny climes of morocco, and the natural imperfections of handmade tiles.