Dark, inky kitchen inspiration

There’s something about this time of year that has us longing for deep, rich colours.  As the leaves begin to fall, so does another strong kitchen trend – dark kitchens.  Although the style has been used a while now, it’s increased in popularity hugely this year, with the favourite colour being voted as dark green.  It’s now not just for those daring, bold individuals that we watch from afar; it’s time for us all to dip into the mystery and drama that a dark colour scheme can offer.

Green gallery

Anchored by the heritage dark green swatch on the walls and cabinet swatch, the rest of the kitchen oozes taste and grandeur.  An intriguing art gallery of sort is displayed on a open shelf, while marble worktops and antique light fixings show the thought that’s gone into this beautiful space.  

Neutral base

A charmingly cosy kitchen incorporates deep blue units whilst seeming light and airy.  How is this possible?  Natural light is channelled from the skylight above, while the choice of white marble worktops, neutral floor tiles and furnishings elevate it from the inky depths to a lighter, sophisticated scheme.  The rattan bar stools are a winning touch, as is the chalk painted dresser under the window – both help to bring a soft texture and warmth of colour tone to the design.

Charcoal character

The bright zing of yellow from the bar stools and the exposed wall bring character to an otherwise ‘classic’ look.  The kitchen’s painted shaker cupboards look stylish in the charcoal-blue finish, while the brushed brass hardware echoes the beautiful industrial pendant light.  A fun and social space, with a practical food prep-cum-bar central island.

Heritage shades

A comforting murky green envelopes this kitchen, from walls to shelving to cupboard fronts…  The use of continuous colour create a seamless feel to the space, and enlarges it visually.  Design choices are tasteful and well-considered, complementing the backdrop hue and letting that be the real feature of the space.  We especially like the simple white marble worktops and splashback, providing a crisp contrast to the deep green and modernising the feel of the whole kitchen.

A bottle of red…

A deep claret red mingles with brass finishes and candlelight to create a cocooning environment.  A simple shaker style cupboard given a new interpretation through the bold colour choices – the scene is all at once traditional, cosy and contemporary!  Industrial pendant lights add a touch of modernity to the scheme, while brass tap harks back to a bygone era.  This is the sort of kitchen that makes dream of winter entertaining…

Murky metallics

The subtle sheen of copper and metallic finishes glow through the darkness of this incredible open-plan kitchen.  Inky black walls and ceiling mean that all eyes are focused on the striking material choices in the space.  We could spend hours analysing this space, but the main standout features to us are the floor-standing sink tap, the geometric distinction of kitchen and dining spaces through the wood finishes, and that architectural statement light.

Black magic

The very essence of a minimalist kitchen, built from luxury and tactile finishes.  Matt black cupoard fronts give the palette a firm base, from which concrete, stained wood and stainless steel emerge.  With the strength of this monochrome scheme, restraint is key in every design choice.  Each aspect has been meticulously thought through and styled, to great success.

In the Navy

Rich navy blue is a timeless choice for those wanting to step into the dark side without sacrificing their style reputation.  A mirrored splashback with an excellent way of alleviating the darkness, and bouncing the natural light around the kitchen.  Free standing cupboards are cleverly matched to the kitchen design through the use of the same shade, while the wooden floor and barstools bring warmth and natural texture to the scheme – there’s not much we don’t like about this kitchen!

Earthy hues

Though not strictly an ‘inky’ colour choice, we think the indulgent khaki-brown of this kitchen wall is the perfect middle ground.  Slick white cabinets border a central marble island, topped off by a vintage chandelier.  The main mood of the space stems from the curated collection of blue-green ceramics and artwork along the open shelving – proof that open displays really can make a scheme.

Deep eclecticism

Plunging in to deep eclecticism, this unique kitchen belongs to the founder of Hilary & Flo.  A kitchen island clad with reclaimed tin tiles, bold Aztec patterns on the floor tiles, and the quirky range of artwork and kitchen paraphernalia lining the shelves – this scheme a one of the most unexpected we’ve ever come across!  The single feature that makes it a winner is the deep blue flowing throughout the space – an intoxicating, inky intrigue.  See below another photo of the same kitchen, an antique apothecary cabinet creates a unusual freestanding unit: