Bring the outdoors in

We’re having such an incredible summer, it would be difficult not to become inspired by the great outdoors!  Whether it’s the use of natural textures, the introduction of fresh flowers and produce, or simply letting in as much of that glorious sun as possible…  this blog post covers a selection of our favourite ideas to ‘bring the outdoors in' to your kitchen design.

Look to wood

Although some might consider it an overdose, this kitchen’s fearlessness in application of wood has to be admired.  Stylish and rugged, this cabin style kitchen draws on natural influences for the basis of it’s styling, and is adorned by a reindeer skin rug and deer skull trophies.  Your summer home in the country…

Flood with natural light

Huge crittall-style windows stretch from floor to ceiling, flooding the kitchen with natural light and directly connecting it to the garden.  An industrial style is created through the use of exposed brick walls, wire legged chairs and copper pipework, paired tastefully with monochrome cabinetry and marble worktops.

Just add plants

Macramé and house plants are two trends we hear a lot of these days.  This heritage kitchen area uses both trends to capture a 70s revival style; hanging plants from the ceiling and scattering them around worktops.  If this style isn’t for you, why not try a small olive tree, herbs or perhaps chilli plants in your kitchen?  Not only could the plants be used in cooking, they would also lend themselves to more modern interior style.

Living bar

How amazing is this eye-catching island?  A live-edged slab of wood  floats atop an ordinary kitchen island to create a feature bar like no other!  A minimalist white gloss kitchen scheme lets the dramatic bartop take centre stage.

Let the sunshine in

Another light-filled design, this stunning kitchen makes the most of the lighting outside through the use of a glass-roof skylight. Part of the power in this design is the meticulous attention to details and the striking contrasting navy blue cabinetry that stretches down the centre.  A brass pendant, brass hardware and a mirrored splashback provide the finished touches to an elegant expanse of kitchen. 

Maximise florals

A shameless mix of maximalist prints and bold colour choices create a refreshingly different kitchen space.  The use of wallpaper in a kitchen is often avoided because of it’s associated impracticalities.  However, there is now a massive range of wipe-down waterproof wallpaper choices available out there, all looking just as good if not better than the real thing - the only limits are your imagination!  Sleek foliage prints and brass bar stools, paired with the beautiful gloss blue cupboards make sure this visually eclectic space remains modern and ‘on trend’.

Style seasonally

Following on the floral theme, what better way is there to bring a space to life?  Bunches of  fresh flowers, foliage and potted plants turn this shaker kitchen into some sort of refined florist shop.  Whether they be freshly picked from the garden, or a shop-bought bunch, once they’re styled in a matching vase their power to style a kitchen is truly amazing!  Freshly brought vegetables and produce such as artichokes, mushrooms or those bushy-topped carrots can also make beautiful seasonal displays when arranged tastefully.

Nature’s palette

Call us repetitive, but there is really something captivating about the skilful use of natural light in a kitchen design.  We can’t stop looking at this picture perfect scheme, subtly yet so obviously inspired by the great outdoors.  From the natural stone floors to the touches of wood, from the well-positioned skylight to the crittall-style doors (déjà vu alert), everything oozes a countryside charm that we can’t quite find the words to express.  ‘Sage green’ is the perfect choice for a gently contrasting island.

Stony surface

Reclaimed natural stone steals the show in an area designed for relaxed cooking, entertaining and socialising.  When your kitchen is graced with the presence of such a wall, it would be sacrilege to cover it!  An unusual choice of rough wooden-fronted cupboards adds another layer to the texture, while the open shelves provide an opportunity to display picturesque kitchen paraphernalia…

And, if all else fails… just grow a tree out of your worktop.

Shocking? Maybe.  Groundbreaking? Well, yes.  Impressive, stylish and attention-grabbing?  Definitely!

Incredibly unique, this stunning kitchen takes ‘bringing the outdoors in’ to a whole new level with an artificial olive tree as a centrepiece.  Although it would probably be a logistical nightmare to implant in the worktop, the end result could be strung with lights and create an airy-outdoors vibe, strengthened by the high ceilings.  A line up of beautiful wooden chopping boards finish the scheme to perfection, contrasting with the teal blue cupboard fronts.