Spotlight on clever kitchen lighting

You can never underestimate the power of lighting in a kitchen design.  Creating atmosphere, highlighting design features, zoning open-plan layouts…  There’s so many aspects of lighting to be considered when designing a kitchen that we’ve barely touched on it’s capabilities in the post below!

Concrete character

Raw concrete walls and black metal framework combine for a minimalist and industrial kitchen design.  Softened by the chevron parquet floor and the wooden bar stools, it’s the lighting in this kitchen that really helps to warm the theme.  Besides the simple illumination of the inset white cabinets, the black spotlights are angled to throw areas of golden light onto otherwise cold and hard materials.

Strong spirit

A celebration of all things drama, mystery and, well, bombay sapphire.  With it’s sleek, dark finishes, and led strip lighting creating a strong illusion of floating cabinets, the style is intense and intoxicating.  Best served with tonic and a wedge of lime.

Light up the night

A masterpiece in considered lighting, this stunning blue-grey kitchen is brought to life through LED strip lighting under the cabinets, backlit upper cabinets with glass doors, and illuminated shelving.  We especially love the transition between the kitchen space and the atmospheric back yard.  Pillars wrapped in fairy lights and DIY mason-jar lights set the scene for wining and dining the night away.                     

Airy aesthetic

As light cascades into this kitchen area from the velux windows, it is reflected off the mirrored splashback and mingles with the natural light from the large ground-floor windows to create a bright and airy space.  The deep blue cabinets are balanced by the contrasting neutral cabinets, and the almost invisible glass pendant light hanging over the central island. 

Go big or go home

How stunning is this huge teardrop chandelier?  To include a feature light as large as this would stop guests in their tracks, and become the centrepiece for the rest of the kitchen design to revolve around.  A chandelier adds an element of glamour into a area where it is so often lacking; the kitchen being the space that is so often only seen from a practical and purpose-orientated viewpoint.

Design choices

Cleverly zoned through different lighting choices, this large open-plan layout is bold and confident in it’s mid-century modern style.  A trio of pendant lights are spaced over the marble kitchen island, which doubles up as a bar.  Over the dining table floats an elongated light, stretching almost over the entire length, while spotlights unify the space with a soft and subtle glow.

Glowing edges

One of the hardest aspects of open-plan living spaces is distinguishing between the different areas within it.  This arresting design succeeds in perfectly separating the kitchen from this dining and living area while still enjoying the open-plan feel.  By highlighting the dropped ceiling with a block of warm LED lighting, attention is drawn to the perimeters of the space and define it as an area of it’s own.  Spotlights keep the lighting levels consistent throught the living area.

Natural light

You can never have too much of a good thing and we think this especially applies to natural light in kitchens!  Could your kitchen design incorporate large patio doors, a valuted rooflight, or even both?  By flooding your kitchen with natural light, you banish the gloom forever and bring a bright and airy feel to the space – this is seen to perfection in both examples.  The only slight issue this presents is the constant reminder of the British climate!

Quirk factor

A true lightbulb moment!  An otherwise bland white kitchen is given a healthy injection of fun with these repurposed colander lights!  Being the bold sunshine yellow they are, even the greyest day or the most boring of tasks will be brightened with these hanging overhead…

Modern mood

When it comes to lighting, this monochrome design ticks all the boxes!  A cluster of mirrored pendant lights catch the attention in the centre of the kitchen, echoed by the glass globe flower bowl on the table.  Large patio doors let plenty of natural lights in, and the antiqued mirror splashback ensures the light is refracted around the whole kitchen.

Warm and welcoming

Oozing cosy charm from every corner, this tasteful Portland kitchen is testament to the atmosphere lighting alone can create…  While a skylight brightens the space with natural light, pockets of warm glowing light are created by the under cabinet downlighters.  A single hammered brass pendant light hangs over the breakfast bar, drawing attention to a key feature of the kitchen design.

Edison energy

Brick walls are a brave design choice, and nearly always effective.  A sleek and modern tone, as seen in the handless cupboard fronts in a gloss grey, mixes with an edgy, industrial vibe, featuring exposed pipework, crittall windows and the textural brick wall.  It’s the lighting that really gets us excited in this design though!  A cluster of bare Edison bulbs perfectly capture the industrial feel, while the cleverly placed LED lighting literally lifts the design off the ground and draws attention to areas of the feature brickwork.

Double act

Hang on, is that an extractor fan?  This relaxed, farmhouse style kitchen relies mostly on natural light from the overhead windows, but scores plenty of points on the central pendant light that doubles up as an extractor fan!

Glow in the dark

A unique glowing splashback takes centre stage in this beautiful Portland kitchen!  A modern take on a relaxed country-style; complete with farmhouse sink and black kettle boiling on the aga, everything about this design exudes good taste and heritage features.  It’s not until dusk falls that the striking beauty of the splashback sets the kitchen aglow!

Light the way

Yet another Portland kithen is tastefully illuminated, drawing your eyes to the warm wood finish of the central island, the highly polished stone floor and casting reflections on the gloss cupboard fronts.  Spotlights are often seen on ceilings, and LED strip lighting is the frequent choice for lining the lower cabinets – but somehow this rare combination beats all other alternatives hollow!