10 top tile trends to inspire a kitchen design

The humble kitchen tile has unlimited power to wake up, add depth and luxe to, or completely overhaul a kitchen design!  With everchanging trends and innovations of tile materials, we’re continually inspired as to their many and diverse uses, always impressive!  In this blog post we look at ten very current tile trends from a broad spectrum of kitchen styles, that could easily be translated into your kitchen project…


Charcoal grey cupboard in a gloss finish are paired with simple brass fittings…  the kitchen might drift in to the dull side of design if it wasn’t for those incredible foxed mirror tiles! Foxing is a term used for when the silvering in antique mirrors goes slightly misty and patchy.  It has inspired many a design and has been expertly recreated across many different tiles and splashbacks, with breath-taking results.  Of course, plain mirror tiles can be used similarly, but we feel there is an sense of age and grandeur that comes with the antiqued variety.

Go big or go home

Where does a tile stop or start?  One of the most popular tile trend is to make them disappear altogether by choosing the largest style possible!  Shown to great effect in this tasteful kitchen-dining area, the floor tiles are at least a metre square and help to create a sleek, seamless feel with minimal joins to distract the eye.  The theme is continued throughout the kitchen, with handleless cupboards and a statement central island that is designed to look as though cut from a single slab of white marble.


Whether you’re opting for the traditional metro style, or something an unusual shape or pattern, grout is a game-changer for drawing attention to your tile design!  By using a contrasting grout to the key colour of your chosen tiles, even the humblest of designs can become a statement splashback…  This beautiful kitchen is all about the contrast; dark navy painted cabinetry with crisp which lampshades, bar stools and worktops.  The sharp lines of the kitchen are softened through the introduction of natural Mediterranean elements such as the wicker baskets, whitewashed wood and rustic chopping boards and olive trees.

Anything but square

Hexagonal tiles seem like they’re more than a passing trend, decorating floors and kitchen splashbacks everywhere with the unique honeycomb design.  Along with tiles in hexagon shapes, we have seen a surge in the trend of unusually shaped tiles – whether they be diamond, rhomboid even an ornate, scrolly-edged design.  Large or small, even and symmetrical or handmade and irregular – this trend embraces anything that doesn’t boast four straight sides!  The nuanced shades of these hexagonal splashback tiles help to ease the transition between the matt black upper cabinets and the white worktops.  A trio of copper pendants and line up of wooden stools bring warmth into an otherwise monochrome scheme.  Hexagonal floor tiles can be used to define areas within an open-plan layout, seen in the stunning example below…

Creative layouts

Herringbone, chevron, horizontal, vertical or diagonal?  This trend takes a fresh look at the overall layout of the design and really causes you to think, well, outside the tile.  While you may have chosen your perfect tiles, there are so many different configurations to play around with that put a whole new perspective on their original intention.  We love the herringbone pattern formed by these white marble metro tiles – edged in white grout, with the zig-zag edge standing out against the dark blue wall – it’s easy to see the designers played around with positioning and layouts, and the results really paid off!

Darker, deeper, grander

For home owners that like a little drama in their home designs, nothing can come close to the atmosphere dark marble tiles create.  Splashbacks, worktops, flooring or even walls – the aim is to encase your kitchen with an age-old design feature that oozes glamour and sophistication, while setting the scene for a cocktail party ambience.  Moscow mule, anyone?


It’s the marmite scenario of kitchen designs – the rug.  While the half detest its perceived lack of hygiene and overall ‘messiness’, the other half embrace the warmth and eclectic feel of a handwoven area rug underfoot…  This tile trend brings both sides together by emulating the look of a rug, using a practical and wipe-down surface.  Available in so many designs and styles, ‘rugging’ can be used to create a task area, or to define a kitchen from a dining space in an open plan layout.  Here, a subtle border is created in a Greek patterned tile, around the central island.

Blurring boundaries

‘Bringing the outdoors in’ seems to be the catchphrase on everyone’s lips, and while it refers to planting in most contexts, we think tiles could be the next big way to blur the boundaries between your living space and the great outdoors…  How effortlessly cool is this space?  Using the same soft grey stone tiles underfoot in both the kitchen and outdoor patio creates a smooth transition that feels relaxing and cohesive, enhanced by the huge patio doors.

Muted Moroccan

What was once the colourful Moroccan trend of encaustic tiles has been transformed into a muted, subtler version.  Now open to many more kitchen styles, this popular tile can be used to add a layer of character and intrigue to floors, splashbacks or walls…  This cosy and characterful kitchen pairs traditional shaker style cupboards with surprising paint choices, and a deep farmhouse sink with marble worktops… all the while mastering the art of shelf styling! 

Tactile textures

Technology in the tile-making industry has advanced to way beyond printing ceramic tiles…  Whereas before the concept of tiles imitating wood might have repulsed the kitchen owner, now the layered and tactile finishes are so realistic, it would probably require an expert opinion to prove it’s not the genuine article.  Wood, stone, concrete and marble are a handful of the incredible tiles finishes that can be used at the fraction of the cost, each proving more durable in the kitchen environment than its organic counterpart.  The rugged floor tiles in this rustic kitchen area manage to capture the natural stone finish to perfection, with no stone in sight!

Or… go hand painted

So, this is number 11 of 10… We couldn’t resist including this example of a hand painted mural splashback with complementary floor tiles, as a completely unique way of adding an artistic touch to a kitchen design.  Artisan, hand painted, or handcrafted tiles are now available from most kitchen suppliers.  Alternatively, go craft your own!