Metal finishes reinterpreted

Once seen as cold and clinical, or if textured, as unhygenic…metals are finally being given the chance to shine in interiors!  Through the exploration into new and exciting tactile finishes, people’s perceptions have completely swung to become receptive to metal as an integral part of a room design… even in kitchens!

The new trend for burnished, patinated, and distressed metals only seems to be increasing in popularity as more and more inspiring applications are found for the exhaustless variety of finishes available.  Inject an element of glam with bright metallics, introduce an industrial vibe through pendants or textured metals, or create a kitchen so beautiful and intriguing that it challenges the traditional concept of what a ‘kitchen’ should be.

So, step aside wood and stone surfaces!  It’s time to see what metals can offer the kitchen...

Murky metallics

A gloss white kitchen, with stainless steel worktops, provides a quiet base for the burnished metal cupboard fronts to really stand out from.  Set in a room of architectural beauty, with corniced ceilings, and parquet floor, the polished kitchen could appear out of style if it weren’t for those mottled bronze upper units.  A mirror splashback and a shiny copper coffee set reflect the natural light and tie the scheme together.

Bistro beauties

Channeling a french bristro style through the pendant lights and characterful bar stools, this open-plan kitchen-dining area is both practical and stylish.  A marble worktop and splashback is paired with plain white cupboard fronts is a simple an visually-pleasing design.  However, it’s the dark metal items that outline and define the space, bringing together both areas of the living area, and introducing ann element of industrial cool in an otherwise sophisticated space.

Extraordinary extraction

Use metal finishes to really draw attention to a feature in your kitchen design, as with this striking cooker hood!  An unusual concept is turned into a real talking point through the choice of a mottled brass for it’s creation.  Cleverly matched with a brass tap, and set against a wall of on-trend metro tiles, this kitchen certainly stops you in your tracks!

Metallic masterpiece

Probably our favourite application of metals in the kitchen, this design simply stuns…  Swirling stone with a dramatic and colourful pattern seamlessly cover the worktops and form a splashback.  Mirror fronted cupboards reflect the beautiful murano glass pendants, and the brass tap brings a warm glow to the scheme.   Those cupboard fronts though!  Echoing the colours of the quartz surfaces, the intriguing patina on the metal cupboards and handles is what really makes this kitchen so unique.

Copper sheen

Smooth and sleek, this beautiful kitchen is consistent and tasteful in it’s choice of a muted copper throughout.  From the open shelving on the central island, across all the cupboard fronts, and over to the oversized pendant lights in the dining area… the design feels complete and finished to the smallest satisfying details.

Soft textures

How can a kitchen feel soft and artisan, whilst also being crisp and modern?  This simple design uses a textured plaster finish on the wall, and chooses to reflect this look in the sheet of aged bronze metal used throughout the work surfaces.  Embracing the beauty in imperfection, the rest of the kitchen is kept very minimalist with the use of clever cupboard illumination and a small cluster of neutral pendants.

Penny for your thoughts

This creative wall finish replicates the look of hundreds of copper coins.  Of course, we’ll let you crack open the piggy banks and get started if you so desire, but we have a feeling that the replica might prove easier… and slightly shinier.

Golden glow

Aged brass is a thing of beauty.  Used en mass as with this huge kitchen island, the final effect can be mind-blowing.  Topped with a dark marble surface, in an elegant floating design, this island is a mastery of design, function and just plain good taste.  Oh sorry, was there a kitchen behind it?

In the spotlight

Featuring a very dark textured cupboard front throughout, this unusual kitchen layout draws on metal finishes for it’s main inspiration.  Adding further dimension to the kitchen, a bespoke black lattice overlay encases the front island/bar, allowing the aged metal to subtly glow through.  Include some strategically-placed LED strip lights, stone floors and a few freshly garnished cocktails and you’re ready to rock the look.

Fully oxidised

Looking rather as though it’s been left out in a rainstorm, we can’t get enough of the colours and textures in this metal finish!  While the rest of the kitchen is well-considered, using subtle illumination to draw attention to the shelving, it really pales into insignificance once these aged metal sheets feature on the island front…