Marble: Our lifelong kitchen obsession

The Marble Controversy

Marble is always a controversial subject when it comes to kitchens…  So often homeowners are advised to limit the use of marble to small, and low-usage areas - a side table maybe, or possibly a bathroom cupboard.  The popular stone is notoriously stain and scratch prone, and therefore deemed impractical for application in an area of heavy use or traffic.  Unfortunate, when the dramatic veins dramatic swirls in marble should really be given the chance to be displayed in large areas such as kitchen counters and splashbacks!

Marble can be used in the kitchen, with stunning effect, as long as you are prepared to commit a little time to upkeep, or view the imperfections caused by daily life as part of the marble’s natural beauty.  If this is acceptable, go right ahead with those white marble worktops that you’ve always dreamed of... Or resort to a more enduring marble-look surface to emulate the look.

We’re obsessed - nothing says timeless beauty, sophistication, and creates an impact quite like marble in the kitchen!

Vain worktops

Probably the most obvious application of marble in the kitchen, worktops are the perfect opportunity for adding a finishing touch to a traditional kitchen.  Whether you opt for dark marble worktops, with dramatic gold veins running through, or a subtle and refreshing white marble as shown in the photo – this is an application that lends itself to so many styles of kitchen, and never fails to lift the space and add an element of luxury!

Treasure island

A kitchen island is the perfect space to incorporate marble into your design.  With this application, it really is a case of ‘go big or go home’ – let the natural veins and patterns in the marble do the talking for a striking central feature.  Paired with industrial lighting, copper fittings, and mediterranean tiles, the white marble island in this kitchen acts as a solid and stunning anchor to tie an otherwise eclectic scheme together.

Talking tables

Evolving from the 2018 trend of kitchens becoming living spaces, free-standing furniture is slowly creeping in.  We love how unique this kitchen is, fully embracing the trend with artwork on the walls, cookery books out on display and its bold green cabinets.  What really steals the show however, is the free-standing marble table in the centre of the kitchen.  This could be used as a kitchen island or a  dining space, and is a refreshing way to create a relaxed living zone in an otherwise formal environment.

Marble… everywhere!

For those die-hard fans of the stone, you can go all out and cover your kitchens with marble-look cabinets as well as worktops and splashbacks!  Ok, we’re not exactly advocating this… Let’s just say it’s possible to have too much of a good thing!

Let the floor shine

When it comes to kitchen design, so much attention is focused on the cabinets, layout, and appliances… Consider bringing beauty underfoot with marble floor tiles.  Whether you choose to imitate this tasteful kitchen by matching the floor to worktops and splashbacks,  or strike a contrast with your kitchen cabinetry – could you really go wrong with marble floor tiles?

Splashbacks with style

Not to be overlooked, splashbacks are a great place to introduce marble in the kitchen.  We love the use of marble in this modern and minimalist kitchen.  Sharply contrasting with handless white cupboard fronts, the dark marble splashback with gold veins is highlighted to the utmost through the clever use of lighting.

In the details

Kitchens aside, there are so many ways you can incorporate marble on a smaller, and more affordable scale!  Marble chopping boards, patterned plates and napkins, and even marble pendants can all be used to style a space to great effect…