10 key kitchen trends for 2018!

Hardworking islands

People’s expectations of what a kitchen is capable of are rising.  Multi-functioning islands are becoming increasingly popular, with some people even opting for two in larger kitchens!  Aspects such as shelving, sinks, designated chopping areas, undercounter fridges, bar areas, and often some form of hob, are all incorporated into the humble kitchen island! it almost makes you wonder there’s any need for the surrounding kitchen…

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Time for shelves to shine

No longer can you be excused for ‘keeping things behind closed doors’. 2018 sees a surge in the popularity of open shelving in the kitchen, perfect for displaying your curated bone china tea set, chopping board collection, or creating vignettes with cookery books, pots of herbs, and candles.  Any #shelfies welcome!

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The return of handles

Whether you opt for ornate brass handles, leathers straps, or hand-painted ceramic door knobs anthropologie-style, the trend in 2018 is to get as far away from plain doors as possible!  The linear, handleless look proved very popular in 2017 kitchen styles… Now, with new and innovative handle options, that area on the your cupboard fronts becomes a means of expressing yourself and putting a finishing touch on your kitchen design.

Interesting patinas

2018 is the year for experimentation with finishes for the kitchen.  There is a noticeable shift in the popularity of treating metals to achieve the most fascinating of patinas.  Using oxidation, chemicals and heat, there’s a whole realm of unique and dramatic finishes that can be achieved for a truly personal and memorable kitchen!

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Timeless Shaker Style

The old favourite shaker style kitchens are still going strong for 2018, being most popular in matte, unicolour finishes.  We see a subtle and new translation of the traditional look through brass details, and an embracing of the heritage style that harks back to ye olde England.  Whether it be a coat of arms on the wall, antique style taps, or hanging lantern pendants – this style says sophistication, but gives a little more depth to the design, rather than just being ‘another shaker style kitchen’.

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Midas’ Touch

Image 6.jpeg

The old mythological character has been touching the 2018 predictions, leaving kitchens shimmering in his wake.  We’re expecting to see more metallic in kitchens in 2018 than ever before!  The main trending surfaces are gold and copper, which will be found adding glamour to handles, taps, wall tiles, lighting and even mundane appliances such as bins and plug sockets! Who said kitchens can’t be glamourous?

Make yourself at home

Kitchens are no longer just for preparing and cooking food, they’ve become living spaces – central to the house design.  Introduce comfortable seating, beautiful lighting, and maybe fresh flowers or foliage.  A chandelier, a piece of artwork, a table lamp on the worktop… the idea is to give your kitchen that little bit extra design attention that you apply to other living areas, turning it from a utilitarian, strictly practical space into one that intrigues, and makes you want to linger and relax.

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Two tone cabinets

Even though white still remains the favourite shade for kitchens, 2018 sees colour creeping into design.  Blue and grey are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the trend of kitchens being two shades of the same colour – i.e. a dark grey for base units and light grey for wall cabinets.

Colour is here to be experimented with though, and there’s the option to be daring and add a section of bright cupboards, or a dramatic coloured splashback to an otherwise neutral design.  This kitchen opts for a stylish but bold monochrome look – dark cabinets on one side of the kitchen, transitioning to white, and tied together by a polished wooden floor.

Image 8.jpg

‘Unicorn’ inspired kitchens

Okay, you have three options. A) screw up your nose in disgust and hastily pass on b) consider it with a scowl c) clap your hands with ecstasy, goo in soprano, and squeal ‘Oh my days, I love unicorns!’

We’ll admit we went with route b, approaching with caution and edging around the trend to avoid any glitter, or worse, ‘rainbow fairy dust’ falling on us. But some things can’t be denied, and the unicorn trend is one of them.  Flooding 2017 with all things pretty, pink and magical, 2018 see designers introducing the theme subtly into everyday life, and yes, unicorn kitchens are one of them – take it or leave it.  Think glittery tiles, coloured glassware, and gloss white cupboards pared with neutral-pink walls and touches of blue and gold!

Image 9.png

Moroccan accents

Moroccan tiles and splashbacks are fast gaining momentum in the world of kitchen interiors, and we have to say we’re not averse to the relaxed holiday vibes the trend brings with it.  Rocking chunky wooden worktops, gold lanterns and abundant greenery in it’s wildest form, this style is for the slightly boho at heart but can be used to subtly infuse style into the most refined of kitchen spaces.  In the kitchen pictured, plain grey cabinets are offset by traditional Moroccan tiles and natural wood flooring and worktops.  A touch of explorer, a scent of the exotic, it’s easy to see why this style is catching on…

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