A survey by the Daily Mail revealed, on average, we spend 3 years of our lives in the kitchen which means even the smallest bit of time saved by properly positioning appliances and utensils is more time that can be used doing things that are important to you.

Everyone has at some point thought themselves a professional chef. That moment when you have a minute alone, you have patiently been moving your food around in the pan to keep it from sticking and that’s when you attempt, “The Flip”. You have a quick look around to make sure no one is behind you, pick up the pan, give the stir fry a couple of shakes and on the last one, jolt it forward allowing the contents to fly up in the air and land smoothly back in the pan – and the floor – and the counter – and somehow on top of the fridge a week later (still don’t know how I managed that one).

Many of us want to bring an element of professionalism into our cooking and get restaurant style quality food in our own homes. A lot of this is done by using the latest gadgets and gizmos to achieve the greatest possible outcome within a budget and normally with limited ingredients but what if this professional element was incorporated into the entire kitchen design from the start?

Looking at the structure of a commercial kitchen allows you to analyse the best method for preparing and cooking food that specifically suits you. A lot of work goes into the layout of a professional kitchen to best utilise the time and space available. The layout of your own kitchen is just as important but not only just for convenience and safety.